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Say YES! Fit into the Dress!

BRAND NEW 30-Day VIP Coaching Program

Losing weight SHOULDN'T be all about sacrificing...

It's time to STOP dieting, counting calories, spending endless hours at the gym, and watching the clock - waiting until you can eat again!

Do you:
  • Feel like you're constantly going from one fad diet to the next and in a constant state of flux with your weight - Just looking for something... ANYTHING that will work?
  • Feel trapped in your own body and helpless to escape?
  • Struggle with saying "no" to food, cravings, unhealthy treats, and extra portions - Like food CONTROLS your every move? 
  • Feel like giving up - Because you're so frustrated and at your wits end because you've tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING works?
  • Feel ashamed and scared to even try because you're so sick of failing... Over and over and over again?
  • Feel lost - And have no idea where to turn or how to finally make a change that will stick?
  • Feel like you're running in every direction and don't have time to prepare healthy meals... Let alone go to the gym?
  • Desperately need to lose those last 20 pounds before your big event - So you can feel sexy and confident and proud of yourself because you FINALLY DID IT!?
Are you READY:
  • To take back control over your body, your health, and your life?
  • To have tons of energy to do all the things you've always wanted to and start checking extra things off your "To-Do" List?  
  • To STOP giving into food and cravings?
  • To stop eating things that don't make you feel well?
  • To get... And stay motivated?
  • To stop wishing... And start working on your dream body?
  • To lose weight and KEEP IT OFF for GOOD?


THIS is THE SOLUTION to take back control over your life, lose weight once and for all, and start feeling sexier than ever in just 30 days so you can START LIVING AGAIN!


Introducing... The BRAND NEW 30-Day "Say YES! Fit into the Dress" Program

The COMPLETE blueprint to map out EVERYTHING you need to lose weight in a quick and healthy way, specifically designed to help women like YOU get ready for that fast-approaching event that you want to look your best at!

AND... How NOT to gain it back afterwards!

GIVE ME 30 DAYS... To show you that YOU CAN DO THIS!  If you're not 100% satisfied... You'll get you're money back GUARANTEED... No questions asked!!!


Just imagine…

In 30 days... Showing up at your big event where people haven't seen you in a long time... Wearing your sleek and sexy dress that's 2 sizes smaller than what you’re wearing right now! And having people look twice at you, wondering if it's ACTUALLY you!?


Feeling sexy as hell because you LOOK and feel amazing - From the inside out!  

Realizing the POWER you now have over your food, your body, your health, and YOUR LIFE!

Feeling like if you can do THIS... You can literally do ANYTHING!


For committing to something for you... And successfully sticking with it right to the end!  


Being able to get through that never-ending list of things to do - And not feeling like you need a nap all the time!

Knowledge is POWER!

Having all the tools to continue with this healthy lifestyle, and having your new habits solidified so that you WON'T GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK!  

Inspiring other with your story and showing them that they can do it too!


No longer allowing food to have control over you!  

NEVER having to diet again!

ENJOYING eating and cooking healthy food and making healthier choices!

Being able to do things you never dreamed of in the past!

Enjoying a night out and not feeling guilty about it afterwards because life is all about enjoyment and BALANCE!

A LOT can change in 30 days! I lost 7.5 pounds and 3.5 inches in just 30 days and I know YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


I KNOW how you feel....

Because I know how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off! 

I was in the same place as you - Overweight, unhappy, frustrated, out of control and downright STUCK!  

When I weighed 250 pounds, I HATED myself!  The fact that I TRIED every fad diet out there... And FAILED MISERABLY, crippled me!

It wasn’t until I discovered Insanity, Shakeology, and a Coach to keep me accountable - That I was able to finally lose the weight (and keep most of it off)!  Of course... being the geek I am, I've done a LOT of research along the way too and figured out (first-hand) what works and what doesn't!

But I'm human... And I've continued to yo-yo (within 20 pounds) and struggle with food addiction.

With my wedding fast approaching, I decided that not only did I need to get this weight off so I could feel super sexy in my wedding dress… But also that my emotional eating, dependance on food and yo-yoing HAD TO STOP once and for all!  

I DID IT... And now I want to share everything I've learned with you!  Because YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!! 

That's what "Say YES!  Fit into the Dress" is all about...

Creating the dream body you've always wanted before YOUR big day!


How this will work...

This program is about getting FAST results... And developing healthy habits that will last a LIFETIME!

STEP 1.  Purchase your Challenge Pack.

STEP 2.  You’ll receive a Welcome Email from me right away!  This will include the Bonuses, Access to the VIP Membership Site and everything you know to set yourself up for success and to get started RIGHT AWAY!  

STEP 3.  You can start your workouts TOMORROW if you like... Or wait until the VIP Coaching Program starts on Monday, May 29th!  



In the VIP Program, we will focus on 4 key things:

  1. SERIOUSLY cleaning up your diet and cutting out the C.R.A.P. - Carbonated junk, Refined sugars, Artificial sweeteners & colors, and Processed & fast foods!  Think lean proteins, fruits, veggies and amazing "Wendy's frosty" Shakeology!  OF COURSE... There's ALWAYS room for a little wine - in moderation!  
  2. Working out for 30 minutes EVERY day - ONE workout for cardio AND toning!  This is about making quick progress and creating habits that will last!  The first couple weeks may be tough... But won't it be amazing when you just workout and don't have to think about it anymore?
  3. Changing the way you THINK - Your transformation is about more than just your body!  Once you gain control over your body and your mind, you'll have control over your LIFE!  Each day you'll learn something new about staying motivated, changing the way you think and feel about food, and how to create habits that will last LONG-TERM!  
  4. Accountability and support - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  A big reason you'll see results in 30 days is because you'll have the support and accountability to KEEP GOING from myself, and others on the same journey as you are!


What's Included?


NO GYM?  NO WORRIES!  Now you can stop paying for that gym membership that you NEVER use!  

The only thing better than one amazing workout, is the ability to CHOOSE from 100's of the BEST workouts on the planet!

BLAST the fat away and tone your whole body with a quick 30-minute workout - without having to leave your house!  It's like having your very own Personal Trainer (without paying the fees)!  And you can take it with you ANYWHERE!!!

PLUS... Add in an extra 10 minutes to blast your belly fat or warm-up for Girl's Night with some cardio-dance!  Even the kids can try it!


Did I say 8 salads and a "Wendy's Frosty"!?

Yup... It tastes THAT good!  It's like eating dessert for breakfast... Or ANY time of day!  Plus it's the equivalent to eating 8 salads and tons of amazing superfoods, all JAM PACKED into 1 delicious shake!  

I BELIEVE in this stuff 100%!!!  It helped me lose more than 140 pounds and it's the healthiest meal of my day!  I have so much more energy because of it and I don't get the cravings that I used to because all my nutritional needs are met!

It's NOT a magic weight-loss shake... But it's perfect for your busy lifestyle to just grab and go, if you need a mid-day "pick-me-up", or if you want to beat your cravings!  



Learn exactly HOW MUCH to put on your plate.

They may look tiny... But you'll be surprised how much healthy food can fit inside these bad boys!  You may even feel like you're eating MORE than normal! 

*These go PERFECT with my 7-Day Slim Down Meal Plan that's available as a BONUS for a limited time only!  

3-DAY DETOX (optional)

Hit the "RESET" button!

Feel like you need a bit of a "cleanse" to REALLY get started on the right foot?  The 3- Day Refresh will help you cut the bloat and lose 3-8 pounds in just 3 days!  

I personally do this about 3 times a year to "clean out" and reset myself back into a healthy eating routine!  It works wonders and it's a perfectly safe "quick-fix" to help you see results right away and get motivated to keep going!  


DAILY coaching, accountability, and support from me - This is CRUCIAL for helping you STICK to your goals... Especially when times get tough!

Tips, tricks and recipes to help you stay motivated and lose weight now!

Fail-proof plan to continue your success after the first 30 days to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF!

*This Community is available ONLY to my clients that are a member of this program, making this a safe place for you to check in daily and share - the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Think this all sounds too good to be true?  

Scared this is just something else that will fail you?

Worried you won't commit?

Try it for 30 days... If you're not satisfied for ANY REASON (EVEN if the bag is empty) - Just return it... No questions asked!  

I'm THAT confident that you will get results!




***Register by Sunday, May 21st & receive the following bonuses***

My "No-Brainer Workbook"

Includes a detailed blueprint of EVERYTHING you need to get through your first week - Without even having to THINK about it!

  • 7-Day Slim-Down Meal Plan - The EXACT Meal Plan I used during my first round of 21-Day Fix to lose 8.5 lbs, 4% body-fat and 3 inches!
  • Grocery List -Take the guess-work out of shopping by grabbing this list and going.
  • Healthy Recipes - Quick and easy make-ahead meals to make your busy week run as smoothly as possible.
  • Food Diary - Combat cravings, food addiction and end emotional eating.
  • Journal Prompts - Write down your goals and dig deeper into what exactly you need to do to make them a reality!
  • Workout Calendar - Wake up, throw your clothes on and push play!  No thinking, procrastination or excuses allowed!

VIP Membership Site Access

Includes EVERYTHING you need to know to get started right away! 

  • How to access your workout INSTANTLY!
  • How to use the portion control containers.
  • How to set yourself up for success from the very beginning.
  • How to create your own meal plan.
  • How to bulk meal prep.
  • How to properly take your weight and measurements.
  • How to access the VIP Program and bonuses.
  • How to make your shake taste like a "Wendy's Frosty"! 

*You must be signed up with me as your Coach in order to receive the bonuses!*


READY? Let's do this!

Questions? Not sure if this is right for you? Simply email me - [email protected] - and I'll get back to you right away!

What others are saying....

"Kate has been an amazing support, sharing lots of clean eating tips, recipes, and meal prep tips. Amazing! Using Shakeology and The 21 Day Fix I lost 10lbs in one round, even with minimal exercise. She's been an inspiration, giving me encouragement and helping me stay motivated."

~ J.J. ~

"Marlene and I completed the 21 Day Fix Challenge.  Marlene lost 3 lbs and 1 inch and I ended up losing 8 lbs, with 2 ½”, 1 ½” of it off my waist.  So all and all a successful challenge.  It has given us a couple of take-a ways that we plan to continue to use.  Also some more education."

~ Rick & Marlene ~

"Kate is amazing. She is the one who inspired me to better myself. After talking to her and joining her Program I decided to lose the weight and so far I have been successful at it. I've lost 53 pounds so far and still going strong! My clothes are too big on me now, I feel amazing and I have tons of energy that I never had before! I can do a lot of things I couldn't do before like run without pain with my dog and my back pain is gone!"

~ Jennifer Keevill ~

"I started doing exercise in the gym a long time ago, but when I met Kate she told me about T25 and Shakeology. She added me into her Program and I started working out and drinking Shakeology regularly. I was able to feel and see results after a few days. I have lost 15 pounds overall, I feel full of energy and I hear compliments from others all the time. Now I feel confident and finally I started to love my body and myself. Kate was motivating me when I was struggling with healthy eating and bad moods. She was supportive and she motivated me to get what I want. She has given me a lot of useful advice."

~ H.Z. ~
Job Title

"I had the privilege of meeting Kate online prior to her own personal transformation. Kate was then and continues to be a person that inspires and motivates others. She is a real person with real life struggles and understands how hard it can be to make the change to a healthier lifestyle. This is why I trust what Kate says. Her advice comes not only from educational experience but personal trials and tribulations. She works hard and is dedicated to her own health as well as that of others. Overall, Kate is someone you want on your team!"

~ Kristen ~

"Kate is amazing! She is my rock in this challenge. She keeps me on track and motivated to keep going. Some days can be hard but a message from Kate is all I need to keep pushing through to reach my goals. And her meal plans and food prep info is so healthy and helpful."

~ R.T. ~


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